Finance & Accounting

China's growing economy along with the WTO's promise to accelerate the opening of foreign finance makes the current financial market's development very strong. Presently, whether in domestic or foreign commercial banks, securities, insurance, funds and private equity investment funds, there is big pressure for the recruitment of high-end talent. In the financial sector, JobWell has a deep and rich accumulation of experience and many fine co-operations of high-quality customers, as well as a rich network of resources.

Construction Materials

JobWell has been committed to in-depth study of the situation and development of the building materials industry. JobWell has accumulated a wealth of market information and human resource from the Chinese market, sales and R&D. Through sincere service, earnest style and outstanding performance in building materials and related fields, we have created successful cases one after another and have become a unique, professional head hunting firm in China's building materials industry.

Automotive/Manufacturing industry

JobWell has provided professional services for world-renowned manufacturing companies and motor vehicles and parts companies including positions in quality, production, R&D, purchasing, logistics, security, environmental protection, finance and human resource. Our company has an abundant of talent data and search experience. In addition, JobWell has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the manufacturing process of different industries, in-depth study and research of different manufacturing jobs through our company's rapid response and accurate orientation, and continue to provide customers with quality service and maintain our sharp market observation force in providing professional career consultation services for our candidates.

Chemical & Energy

In recent years, energy/chemical industries have made tremendous development in China. In addition, this field has kept in pace with high technology and automotive industries and has become one of China's most rapidly developed and highly profitable industries. Jobwell’s volume of business in the international energy/chemical group is fully reflected by this feature in the industry. Such a high rate of growth for future development has not only laid a solid foundation, but it also indicates the urgency of the energy/chemical industry's demand for high-end talents. Such needed high-end talents are not only to be familiar with the industry but more importantly, know how to maintain the competitiveness of enterprises in an environment of rapid change. In this case, in order to find talents who meet the above requirements, it is a required responsibility of the consultant(s) for the recruitment to be proficient in the industry background. Furthermore, JobWell's members in the energy/chemical group have full understanding with this principal to always fully carry out in business.


Talent market in the field of consumer goods needs high-end personnel who are familiar with the industry background, along with senior experience in the consumer goods industry and performance with its vision to lead the company to develop a better future. JobWell's consultants for the consumer goods industry have professional industry knowledge and their many years experience in the achievements of searching high-end talents of large multinational companies provides assurance of quality service. Successful Positions:
National Sales Director/Manager,Marketing Director/Manger,Training Manger,Product

Real Estate

JobWell's real estate talent consulting department has been committed to in-depth study of the real estate industry. In the process of a number of domestic and foreign enterprises such as Longfor, Wanke, Wanda, Shimao, Financial Street, Captical-Land etc., has accumulated a wealth of market information and personnel resources. Our company has a wide range of talent reserves and rich accumulation of contacts in various fields involved in the real estate industry include residential homes, villas, hotels, commercial real estate, tourism real estate, industrial real estate, third-party organizations etc. Our company's rapid response, unwillingness to give up, proper treatment of every customer, position and candidate, reflects our attitude on this industry.


Known as the "Eternal Sunrise Industry" and is one of most involving industries in recent years for Jobwell. JobWell’s pharmaceutical industry team services many companies from the Fortune 500 and domestic enterprises in two major customer areas: pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. JobWell’s position in the field of pharmaceutical sales, production and R&D as well as medical equipment sales, production and R&D, have rich reserves of talent and lots of successful cases.
Successful Positions:

Consumer goods

Successful Positions:
General Manager, Plant Manager, Operation Manager, Production Manager, Lean Production Manger, Key Account Manger, QA/QC Manager, Logistic Manager, Purchasing Manager, Product Development Manager, EHS Manger, Engineering Manager,Resident Manager,NPI Manager,Black Belt, Process Manager/Supervisor, Finance Director/Manager, HR Director/Manager… 
Corporate Vice President, Sales Director, Risk Control Director, Credit/Loan Officer, Director of Post-loan Management, Operations Director, Marketing Director, Human Resources Director, Chief Financial Officer, Branch Manager, Funds Manager, Senior Industry Researcher, Trade Department Manager, Funds Accounting Manager, IT Manager, Brokerage Department General Manager, Business Department General Manager.
National Sales Director/Manager, Marketing Director/Manager, Purchasing Director/Manager, Technical Manager, Channel Manager, Key Account Manager, Industry Manager, Site Manager, Product Manager/Specialist, Project Manager, Project Sales Manager, Retail Channel Sales Manger, Sales Executive…
Successful Positions:
National Sales Manager, Product Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Business Development Manager, Marketing Manager, Key Account Manger, Technical Support Manger,Site Manager… 
Manager,Promotion Manager, Purchasing Director/Manager, Technical Manager, Channel Manager, Account Manager, R&D Manager, Regional Sales Manager, City Manager, Sales Supervisor/Executive…
Marketing Director/Manager, PR Director/Manager, Training Manger, Account Manger/Executive, Branding Manger, Product Manger.